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Oil & Gas Operator (Upstream, Midstream, and/or Downstream)

Oil and Gas Operator (Upstream, Midstream, and/or Downstream)Integrated O&G Operator, Downstream ...

Supplier - Business Administration & Other Non-Technical Services

Supplier - Business Administration and Other Non-Technical ServicesAccommodation Services, Accounting Services ...

Supplier - Drilling & Well Services

Supplier - Drilling and Well ServicesAbandonment Services, Artificial Lift Services ...

Supplier - Engineering Services

Supplier - Engineering ServicesCivil Engineering Services, Corrosion-Related Engineering Services ...

Supplier - Environmental & Safety-Related Services

Supplier - Environmental and Safety-Related ServicesEnvironmental Monitoring Services, Fire Fighting Services ...

Supplier - Equipment & Products Distribution

Supplier - Equipment and Products DistributionAuxiliary Equipment Distribution, Chemical Product Distribution ...

Supplier - Equipment & Products Manufacturing

Supplier - Equipment and Products ManufacturingAuxiliary Equipment Manufacturing, Chemicals Production/Manufacturing ...

Supplier - Equipment Rental

Supplier - Equipment RentalDownhole Tools Rental, Drilling Equipment Rental ...

Supplier - Equipment Repair

Supplier - Equipment RepairDownhole Tools Repair, Drilling Equipment Repair ...

Supplier - Fabrication & Construction Services

Supplier - Fabrication and Construction ServicesBoat Building, Machine Shops Construction ...

Supplier - Operations-Related Services

Supplier - Operations-Related ServicesBlasting & Painting Services, Cementing Services ...

Supplier - Software

Supplier - SoftwareBack Office Software, CAD/CAM Software ...

Supplier - Transportation & Storage Services

Supplier - Transportation and Storage ServicesAnchor Handling Tugs Services, Barges Services ...

Riaz Ali Jatoi
Reservoir Engineer at Dewan Petroleum Limited

Integrated O&G Operator

Phill Jones
Senior Manager at Desurvey plc

Oil & Gas Operator (Upstream, Midstream, and/or Downstream) | Supplier - Drilling & Well Services | Supplier - Engineering Services | Supplier - Environmental & Safety-Related Services | Supplier - Fabrication & Construction Services

Rich Kilbride
Sales & Marketing at HiTech Fluid Systems Ltd.

Directional Drilling Services | Land Drilling Services | Offshore Drilling Services | Workover Services | Unlisted Drilling Services

Tanya Kingsepp
AR at Specialty Rental Tools & Supply LLC

Supplier - Drilling & Well Services | Supplier - Equipment Rental | Integrated O&G Operator | Logging Services | Wireline Services

Larry Labelle
Manager at Verduyn Tarps

Trucking Services

suli lee
Ms at hunan standard steel co.,.ltd

Drilling Equipment Distribution

Victor Lee
P. Eng. at CoreData Incorporated

Electrical Engineering Services | Back Office Software | Engineering Software | Planning & Project Management Software | Unlisted Software Solutions

shine lee
sales at hunan great steel pipe co.,ltd

Coil Tubing Services | Drilling Equipment Manufacturing | Drilling Rigs Manufacturing | Tubulars Manufacturing

Chris Lermann
Field Operations Manager at Integrated Testing Services, Inc.

Artificial Lift Services | Well Site Maintenance Services | Well Testing Services | Inspection & Testing Services | Oil Analysis Services

Michael Lewis
Senior Consultant at STR Group Ltd

Oil & Gas Operator (Upstream, Midstream, and/or Downstream) | Supplier - Engineering Services | Supplier - Software

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