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Oil & Gas Operator (Upstream, Midstream, and/or Downstream)

Oil and Gas Operator (Upstream, Midstream, and/or Downstream)Integrated O&G Operator, Downstream ...

Supplier - Business Administration & Other Non-Technical Services

Supplier - Business Administration and Other Non-Technical ServicesAccommodation Services, Accounting Services ...

Supplier - Drilling & Well Services

Supplier - Drilling and Well ServicesAbandonment Services, Artificial Lift Services ...

Supplier - Engineering Services

Supplier - Engineering ServicesCivil Engineering Services, Corrosion-Related Engineering Services ...

Supplier - Environmental & Safety-Related Services

Supplier - Environmental and Safety-Related ServicesEnvironmental Monitoring Services, Fire Fighting Services ...

Supplier - Equipment & Products Distribution

Supplier - Equipment and Products DistributionAuxiliary Equipment Distribution, Chemical Product Distribution ...

Supplier - Equipment & Products Manufacturing

Supplier - Equipment and Products ManufacturingAuxiliary Equipment Manufacturing, Chemicals Production/Manufacturing ...

Supplier - Equipment Rental

Supplier - Equipment RentalDownhole Tools Rental, Drilling Equipment Rental ...

Supplier - Equipment Repair

Supplier - Equipment RepairDownhole Tools Repair, Drilling Equipment Repair ...

Supplier - Fabrication & Construction Services

Supplier - Fabrication and Construction ServicesBoat Building, Machine Shops Construction ...

Supplier - Operations-Related Services

Supplier - Operations-Related ServicesBlasting & Painting Services, Cementing Services ...

Supplier - Software

Supplier - SoftwareBack Office Software, CAD/CAM Software ...

Supplier - Transportation & Storage Services

Supplier - Transportation and Storage ServicesAnchor Handling Tugs Services, Barges Services ...

Bob Goossens
Marketing at Acieta

Supplier - Equipment & Products Manufacturing | Materials Manufacturing

Mike Gordon
Director at Korecentric Limited

Project Management Services | Sourcing & Procurement Services | Engineering Software | Planning & Project Management Software | Project Optimization Software

Kristen Graminga
CMO at BluePay

Financial Services

Andy Gray
Associate Director at Hamilton James Bruce

Integrated O&G Operator | Downstream | Midstream | Coil Tubing Services | Exploration-Related Engineering Services

Robert Hall
President at Track Your Truck

Mapping/GIS & Surveying Software

Bai Hannah

Offshore Drilling Services | Piping Building

steve hatajlo
president - ceo at faxianting solutions

Information Technology Services | Unlisted Business Services | Unlisted Software Solutions

Richard Hauptmann
Principal at EPC Project Management Consultant

Supplier - Engineering Services

Damon Henrikson
Marketing at Accurate Perforating Company

Supplier - Fabrication & Construction Services | Materials Manufacturing

Todd Hess
Patent Attorney at Alston & Bird LLP

Legal Services | Unlisted Engineering Services | Unlisted Environment/Safety Products or Services | Unlisted Operation-Related Services

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