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Ron MacMillan

at Rocky Mountain Environmental

 Marketing/Sales/Business Development - Worldwide
 Canada - Richmond

 Email: rmacmillan@spilldepot.com
 Office phone: 604-275-1346
 Cell phone: 778-833-1570

 Involvment in e-transaction: Decision-maker

Rocky Mountain Environmental Ltd.

 Website: www.spilldepot.com
 Activity: Supplier - Environmental & Safety-Related Services
 Geographical area(s): America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Oceania

Spill response products, spill kits, sorbents
oil booms, skimmers, pumps, marine vessels, secondary containment.
Remote site equipment: camps, tents, incinerators, generators, utility vehicles,water treatment, toilet systems,lighting systems, fueling systems,
fuel bladders, water bladders,survival equipment, ice & fast water rescue, PPE and first aid
Spill Training-emergency equipment evaluation

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